Dog Stairs for Bed Design


Dog Steps For Bed South Africa – Nothing says more of the affection for your pet to have a hug in your bed in the mornings, however, small dogs sometimes have problems jumping to the mattress and the elderly can also find this difficult jump. To help your friend try to build a dog ladder and help him climb in comfort and style to share the morning hug. Measure the length from the floor to the top of your bed. This will be the height of the ladder.  Measure the length of your dog’s legs and how high you can comfortably step. A good rule is that the height of the steps is no more than the length of the legs. Measure the width and overall size of your body.

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Gather the panels until they reach the height of the measured dog stairs for bed. Mark the width of your dog in the panels, add 2 inches to make the ladder with comfortable width so your friend has room to climb and turn around. Cut the panels with the steps taken to make the ladder the desired width. Measures at least 12 inches deep from the edge of the panels.

Dog stairs for bed, mark with a pencil, this will be your first step, then make sure that the steps are adequate so that your dog can use them without having to stretch, use the measurements of his legs to determine how high he can take his steps. Mark the height of the first step and cut along the 12-inch mark. Sand the edges of the panels to prevent scratches. With the measures taken cuts all the steps you need, the side supports and the bottom. Glue all pieces using the furniture adhesive and let it dry for at least 8 hours.

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