DIY Platform Bed Ideas


DIY platform bed – If you need a bed frame … frame only the bed, but you do not have the money to buy or the tools to create one with concrete blocks. Fans blocks shelves and blocks panels find this design for a family deck bed and even complementary to what they already have. The plans are for a bed low-bed platform to a high platform against white a loft. Concrete blocks will not be sufficient for the beds of high or high platform. Manage the following instructions to determine the number of blocks to be used.

The DIY platform bed is 38 inches and requires four blocks. Full bed is 53 75 inches and requires five blocks. The beds are 60 to 80 inches and require nine blocks. The king size beds are 76 inches and require 13 blocks. King of California has 72-84 inches and requires 13 blocks. Ask your partner where to buy wood, at home or in the hardware business cut the dimensions of your mattress at least 1 inch long and 1 inch wide. For example, a double mattress 39 inches 75 inches 38 requires a piece of plywood. This prevents you from scratching your legs in plywood.

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Four blocks of slag in a square equivalent to the corners of the mattress DIY platform bed. They put on their sides, so they are more than they are high. While this step does not require high accuracy, try to configure it to be over an inch from where the edge of the bed will be. Add additional blocks as needed. For a full mattress, place a block in the middle. For a queen mattress, put a block in the middle and a block in the middle of each side. Set up a king mattress as he did to the queen, but with four additional blocks form a rectangle between the outer edge and the block in the middle. Place the plywood in the concrete blocks. Find your mattress plywood.

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