DIY Outdoor Wall Clock with Pallets


Outdoor Wall Clock – Who does not have watches at home? I personally love them, I have one almost in each room and I’ve always liked the idea of being able to make one myself, so today I present the latest DIY (do it yourself) we have done at home: a clock with wooden floor garden wood.

After much hesitation with what kind of material to do it, we opted for this platform because of its low cost and its look of aged wood. As for the mechanism for the watch you can buy it online. The first thing we are going to do is separate all the wood from the pallet; helping us with a spatula will be a very simple job. We decided that the platform was too big, so we used only four of the slats and cut them to create a square with no space between them.

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And now, paint the outdoor wall clock! This step is left to the imagination of each one, so I invite you to innovate and try different colors. In our case, we choose to paint only one ribbon in a green sea. After letting the paint dry we sand it slightly so that it loses strength, so we get an aged touch. After this, we get to work with the numbers. We had thought of many alternatives to make them, but in the end, we let ourselves be carried away by the most personal and with a wood marker we made them by hand.

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Is it taking the form of a clock? Little by little. We only have to include the mechanism and place the needles so that our outdoor wall clock handmade watch is ready. We have included some small marks to indicate the circumference.


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