Distinctive Ideas Small Accent Table


We bring you different ideas and tips that can help you decorate the small accent table in your living room. Your social space should look magnificent, and an important part, even if it does not look like it, is the central table, a key piece that is very visible to our guests. There are different ways to decorate it and it is important to determine the right pieces for your room to look beautiful. It is common to decorate the accent table with certain elements, for example: flowers, a tray, candlesticks and candles, books, ornaments and even decorative boxes. And, there are some decorative alternatives that we can consider to make our table look great, depending on the shape of the table and the amount of objects to be included.

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If you want to add freshness to your room, do not forget to incorporate green plants. Therefore, in this small accent table we can see that the style is complemented with a flowerpot, green leaves and flowers that match the rest of the space. Additionally, the game of heights is important to add visual interest. A tray, candlesticks and other golden accessories in different level of high works very well. In beautiful round rattan accent table with glass support, similarly curved details are added to maintain the symmetry but with objects of different textures such as glass and ceramic. We see that the color matches the shades of the furniture and the carpet.

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A square small accent table is perfect for a small room. The glass details add elegance, style and luminosity. If you are looking to soften and harmonize your space so it does not look so linear, add objects with curved finishes such as the tray, candles, vases and other ornaments. An asymmetric accent table immediately stands out in our living room. Therefore, in most cases, it is not necessary to add many decorative objects, only some that contribute to maintaining symmetry in terms of colors, materials and shapes.


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