Desirable Small Powder Room Ideas


The right decorations make small powder room ideas a desirable area. The powder room, often called a half bath, varies from a standard bathroom, as it only has a sink and a toilet. Historically, this room was used by women to prepare for the day. In modern times, it is commonly used as a guest bathroom. When decorating this room, keep your intention in mind. If the room is for personal use, to adapt to decorate the personality of the owner. If its use is for customers, consider a more modern or contemporary look.

Often, the small powder room ideas in a home are used to dress and groom for the day. Hair shaving and styling are common events. In a small room, hanging a large mirror suitable for such activities is often a problem. Solve this problem, and make the room look twice as big at one time, covering the walls with mirror tiles. Available in etched varieties, caps, mirrored tiles are sold at home improvement stores. Sometimes a custom cut is required. The drawback of mirrors on the walls is cleaning. The mirrors need a cleaning almost daily to maintain their brightness and clear reflection properties. Always use cleaning products by the manufacturer suggested for best results.

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In days gone by, the dust room is considered a space for ladies. They excused themselves to the small powder room ideas to cool off during the holidays. The term “toilet” actually comes from the ladies using the room to apply their face powders. Create a retro touch for a small powder room by decorating it in pink. Paint the walls pink, and use a narrow border along the top with the wallpaper in small letters. Use small pink flowers in the miniature vases in the sink and countertop. The small rugs of pink and pink framed mirrors complete the look.


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