Decorative Door Knobs in Diy Practical Ways


Decorative door knobs – A few seasons ago, fashion brought to our home, and specifically to our doors, a crazy desire to change the knobs of a lifetime, by cranks something more modern and stylish. Look if it was a great trend that in most, adapted the gap of the handle to the new style, so that we had no problems when changing them. If you still have this kind of antique knobs at home , and you are thinking of changing them, do not throw them away, never throw anything away, because today we are going to give you some ideas to recycle the knobs or knobs of old doors.

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We know that you love creating and decorating with old or disused objects, therefore, in this post we propose to use the decorative door knobs or antique cabinets in various decorative and practical ways , we will work on creativity and of course, recycling, nothing more stimulating than to give another opportunity to the things that in their day were indispensable. Do not you think? This is also aimed at DIY lovers, since this decoration we are going to make ourselves, is what is special about the magic of recycling.

Vintage photographs always require a special corner in our home, what better way to give them prominence than in this peculiar way. To get it, you need an antique knob, if you want you can give it a coat of paint or an aged one, and wind it around with a bit of wire. From there, it is already playing with the forms. You can also add beads, pendants or ribbons. Very original and distinguished. Use the decorative door knobs of the doors and create a coat rack of the most original. You need a table and a few knobs; you can hang it in the entrance, or in the kitchen for the cloths and aprons, in the bedroom to hang the necklaces or ties. Endless uses, which we leave to your choice.

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