Decorative Ceramic Tile Accents


Decorative ceramic tile – Economic ceramic tiles have been a favorite of homeowners for decades. However, a continuous sea of ​​ceramic tiles tends to be a bit boring on their own. Next time, consider using decorative ceramic accents to make the tile project special. Not only beautiful and durable, ceramic tile accents go a long way to increase a home value. Ceramic tile accents come in a variety of sizes, shapes, patterns and structures to suit any home. Try the ceramic listellos to break up a lot of solid-colored field tiles. Listelos are long, rectangular accent tiles that often feature textures and patterns made to complement around tiling. Usually used in bathrooms, listless, placed end to end, provide a chair rail effect around the room. Other programs for listelos include banding together a kitchen bench and as a border on a ceramic tile floor.

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Ceramic tile inserts can change a regular tile installation in an extraordinary design statement. Sets usually come in two-by-2, 4-by-4 or 6-by-6-inch squares and often have a raised decorative ceramic tile pattern. Choose a tile at least half the size of the surrounding field tiles squares. Go wild by random punctuating field tiles with inserts or chart a predetermined pattern. If you are working on a limited budget, replace small, solid-colored ceramic tiles for costly bets to save money. For added interest, the square wings on the diagonal turn into a stylish diamond effect.

Decorative ceramic tile design ideas, ceramic trim tiles serve as molding to conceal raw tile cuts or just like a decorative cap along the final tile. This pencil-thin trim gracefully curves to make a finished edge similar to wood trim casting. Half-round ceramic tile can also be used to create a chest panel effect, which separates two fields of contrast wall tiles colors. Classic ceramic rope trim conveys simple elegance then along with matching color field tiles.

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