Decorating a Foyer Style


Decorating a foyer – A rustic foyer welcomes you warmly and gives you the feeling of being in a mountain cabin or a small country house. The color palette is natural color tones of earth brown, burnt red and orange. The furniture is heavy, made of a distressed dark wooded tree. Natural accessories such as a rack of deer antlers or fishing motifs adorn the walls. Old farm equipment and antiques sit on a chunky piece of timber shelves supported by large wooden consoles. The lighting is bright enough to look but not overwhelming.

Select your focal point piece for the decorating a foyer. This could be an area rug, big painting or furniture. Coordinate color scheme foyer from center arb. Paint the walls in a neutral earth tone. Install pine wood floors with wood casting. Place an area rug centered in the foyer. Choose an area rug with an Indian motif or an oval cloth blanket. Install a wrought iron chandelier with electric light centered on the foyer ceiling. Install multiple wrought iron scones on the walls. Keep light level bright enough to see, but not too overwhelming.

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Place on a wall a dark, distressed wooden console piece for decorating a foyer. Hang a rustic framed mirror over the furniture. The mirror should not be wider than the console piece. Find the bottom of the mirror 3 inches above the console. Place more vintage candlesticks with beeswax on top of the console. Place a vintage basket on the table to catch miscellaneous. Put a pair of stige back chairs or a rustic bench on the opposite wall if space allows. Hang a rustic work of art such as a picture of bison boxes, wild animals or a land scene over the bench. Install a shelf made of a large piece of wooded wood in the foyer. Place a fishing basket, old farm tool or other vintage items on the shelf. Place a large vintage pot next to the door. Use this pot to hold umbrellas.

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