Decorate Modern Living Room Furniture


Modern living room furniture such as a sofa and love seat, gives a living room a fresh, airy look. White, tan, ecru, sand, butter yellow, mint green and sky blue enter the space with a sophisticated style. Light wood, like oak, white spruce and aspen, seems more elegant than rustic. Accent light furniture items with some vibrant hued pieces to add visual interest and dimension to the space.


Paint the living room walls a shade or two darker than the furniture to avoid a laundered look. Choose a soft neutral shade, such as taupe or sandy brown, to complement the decor. Select wall decals that pick up the colors in modern living room furniture. Show a work of art with a garden or beach scene in a decorative gold or silver frame. Hang a large mirror with an ornately carved wooden frame above the couch, which also adds to making a room look larger.

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Lay the deep with warm-colored textiles. Decorate wood or tiled floors with a chocolate brown or papaya orange mat. Hang a cream, brown and orange striped blanket over a cream or light brown sofa or sofa, and finish the appearance with square or round-shaped decorative pillows. Choose single-colored or striped pillows tear shades that match the throwing felt. Pick pillows tear fringes or beaded trim to add texture to the look. Improve modern living room furniture with red and navy textiles to create a marine style or turquoise and coral for island-inspired style.

Create soft lighting with lights and lights. Hang rainbow-shimmering shells inspired on each side of the sofa. Decorate a side table with a lamp with a vintage milk glass base and a white linen shade. Display white, cream or pastel-colored candles in clear glass holders on wall shelves. Take the living room alive by adding live plants and fresh flowers. Place a white ceramic vase filled with colds on a coffee table for a monochromatic look. Accent and wall shelf or bookcase with a crystal vase filled with yellow and orange tulips to add a pop of color to the space. Set a large tropical palm plant in an empty corner of an island-inspired living room.

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