Decorate Living Room Wall Decor


Living room wall decor is a way to bring a theme to your space without being overriding too carefully. It will help you balance your modern furniture with an older era. Plus, most people have never even seen a living room wall decor so it gives you the opportunity to make your house stand out among all the others.


Make an entry. A lot of movies from this time had a common theme: elegantly dressed women walking down stairs in slow motion. Take this idea into your living room wall decor. If you have a sunken living room, broaden the steps so they go all the way over your mail way. This makes them appear more extensive. You may not even have a mailbox in your house. Guests can go straight into the living room. Try delimiting the space by hanging an iron gate opposite the door or using a long screen. This fits with deco style while the light flows through your space.

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Think of your favorite hotel lobby. This is an easy way to decide on how to decorate a living room wall decor. Many hotels, both from that period and the day, decorate with this style. This is especially true in some parts of Miami. Keep in mind how crisp, clean & elegant these places always feel & then copy your favorite items. Look for unique furniture. The furniture was the focus of a living room wall decor. Look for a sofa like snakes around the room as an interesting sectional. You may even be able to find real living room wall decor. This is because people benefit from more modern furniture. Make your unusual style choice work to your advantage.

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Use lights. This is a quick way to turn your regular room into a living room wall decor. It adds instant atmosphere & can mark your favorite pieces like plants or artwork. If you really want to go all out, install rope lighting behind the list or somewhere on your roof. Simulate panels by adding shape rectangles throughout the room. Background is another popular deco feature. Just make sure it’s not land or overwhelming. Remember to use a bold geometric pattern instead of a subtle flower. Use it at your assembly point wall & paint the rest of the walls a free color.


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