Cute White King Bedroom Set


White king bedroom set – white is a masculine and sophisticated color scheme of a teenage boy bedroom while it’s still funky and stylish. Since white is probably not the most appropriate color for a teenage boy, so careful planning is required to ensure the room does not end up looking like a dark, gloomy space. You have several options when decorating the walls of a black and white bedroom. Paint all four walls white and relies on the furniture and accessories to add black is an option. With all white walls, paint the baseboards black creates a very striking appearance. Another option is to paint two walls black and two white, just paint a wall black to create an accent wall or paint the lower half of the walls black and upper half white with a funky border between. Alternatively, add another color in the mix with a gray wall, or look for wallpaper with a masculine black and white design.

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Choose furniture with a simple, modern design. Try not to squeeze too much furniture; because the amount of black in the room, going too much furniture simply creates a dark, messy look. Look for space-saving options such as a corner computer desk with shelves and storage cubby-hole, and mount a flat panel TV wall mounts, do another piece of furniture to be on TV unnecessary. Silver or brass drawer handles break up the black little and add extra interest to the white king bedroom set.

Add plain white king bedroom set curtains or roman blinds, white floor mats and black linens to the room. Soft texture fabrics will soften the look of white. To create extra seating, bean bags are a good choice, and take up relatively little space. Accessories are also an area where you can add a splash of bright, bold color that does not take away from the black and white but complement it well and breaks up the color scheme a bit like black and white can look very hard. Something as small as a bright red desk lamp makes a big impact.

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