Cute Curtains for Teenage Girl Bedroom


Curtains for Teenage Girl Bedroom – The girl’s bedroom curtains can be ruche and pleated, lace or ricking on the border. They may also be more relaxed, as simple transparent cotton that allows light to filter inside. The fabric can range from clean to a bright pattern. You can use curtains that reflect shared bedroom decor themes for girls, fairies, flowers, mermaids, princesses, beach, animals or nature. Consider functionality when planning curtains for a girl’s bedroom. If the window is on a south-facing wall, you will be a fabric that protects the room from too much direct sunlight. If the window is small, a light cloth or clean more natural light to enter. If the ceilings are low, try to place higher than the window frame curtain rod and let the curtains to cascade to the floor, but only if your girl is not old enough to play with flowing fabric.

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Some curtains for teenage girl bedroom tab tops for a more casual style. Others have a bigger gap to slide over a single mount. Curtain rings, formal rods and finials do not show up so often in the girl’s bedroom as window treatments tend to be lighter and less formal. Privacy is still the most important aspect of decorating a girl’s window with curtains. However, there are ways to balance privacy with aesthetic appeal. Try putting a curtain rod a quarter of the way down the window frames so that a small stretch of the window displays above the curtains. You can also install mini wooden shutters on the bottom half of the window and have short curtains with tie backs over the top half of the window.

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Curtains for teenage girl bedroom can feature deluxe ornamentation. Consider bright trim fabric as sequins, small mirrors or colored beads. Using funky fabrics for tie-backs or go for the velvet ropes for a luxurious look. Window scarves add layers of colors and patterns for a window treatment, or you can use long scarves instead of curtains. For a liquid fabric effect, use fishing line strung between the eye hooks instead of an actual curtain rod. Drape sheer fabric of fishing line, or reuse a vintage scarf for a gypsy look.


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