Customize Hallway Shoe Storage Bench


Hallway Shoe Storage Bench – Take advantage of the space under the window to place a bench that includes storage space. It will become your favorite reading corner of the entire house. Complete the trunk with a mat about 5 cm thick to soften the seat and cushions as an improvised backrest. Choose them, as here, to match the rest of the textiles. Another practical and simple option to store your shoes is to use a piece of furniture for two different uses: bench and shoe rack. In the ideas, you can see how easily they have used a corner for both. The only requirement is to have a minimum width to be able to sit comfortably.

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If you have several open boxes under the seat, you can separate by types of shoes or by family members. Invent a custom shoemaker yourself. We often complicate ourselves more than usual to achieve something and yet, the simplest thing can give us the same result. In the ideas, you can see how placing boxes of fruit on top of each other have designed an incredible cobbler. These hallway shoe storage bench drawers are perfect for storage from toys to shoes. The composition belongs to the Nordli series of Ikea. This bench is composed of two work shelves: the top one to sit down to read and the one below to store the books inside baskets. Choose them the same (these, from Sacum) to gain a sense of order.

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Furniture like this under-window hallway shoe storage bench is perfect for making the most of the spaces like this one. Instead of placing the typical low piece of furniture, place one that can be transformed into a bench with cushions or mats. What do you have more guests? There is room for everyone. If you do not want to plan a custom bank, a good alternative is a trunk. Made of wood or wicker, it acts as a bench and as an improvised wardrobe, as it allows you to store everything you do not want to see in the living room


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