Curtains for Bedroom Decor Ideas


Curtains for Bedroom – The curtains for youth bedrooms are one of the most requested products for design specialists, because it is our young people who begin to demand their own identity in their room and express their own ideas and tastes. For this reason, the curtains for juvenile bedrooms form a category in the field of home furnishing. And is that the tastes and personality of the adolescent are decisive when choosing a system of curtains, colors or prints. Unlike the curtains we select for children’s rooms, where the color (the more intense or the more the presence, the better), or the drawings. The curtains for youth bedrooms are characterized by sobriety, the absence of prints and, above all, for its practicality.

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Although curtains for bedroom can be found on the market for multi-colored juvenile dorms, not all of them are suitable for juvenile dormitories. Thus, depending on the personality of the teenagers, we will choose one tone or another. In this sense, it should be noted, for example, that fans of magic or the occult sciences opt for the installation of purple curtains, black or gray. While others prefer colored fabrics: pink, white, blue, ocher or red of low intensity. Colors that allow the entrance of light, allowing them to have some privacy inside their rooms, but that do not stand out from the rest of the environment.

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Curtains for bedroom, in these cases we look for a space to work and to rest and this is achieved by looking for the most aseptic environment possible. For these assumptions the ideal is to combine colors that invite reflection, so that we flee from the monotony of using a single tone. Combinations that always work are: gray and orange, white and blue, gray, white and blue, as well as white and black. As for stamping, there is a preference for geometric forms, but without exaggerating their repetition. Vertical stripes, diamonds or some polyhedron will be well received, while the proliferation of drawings will only be to the liking of those who love the retro or the disco atmosphere.

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