Creation Rustic Style White Entryway Table


White entryway table – The first thing you will need is 4 trunks of 1m long by 40cm wide approx. and 2 thinner trunks. The idea is to get them from some pruning or tree that has fallen, that is not to buy them, but they cannot be very expensive either. I used Eucalyptus Wood because it happened that a branch fell and they gave them to me, it is very nice wood but it is very hard to work, although it is very durable. Any other more or less hardwood can serve the most common is pine, I do not recommend willow because it rots easily.

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Now comes the most complicated: you have to cut 2 of the trunks in 4 parts along and the other 2 make them white entryway table (for this you need an endless saw, if you do not have it you can go to criteria to be cut, they will not charge more than $ 15). Then we are going to put together a wooden with the trunks, but first, remember to always glue the wood before nailing, and if it is very hard wood, you can make a drilling that is finer than the nail with a drill so that the nail passes better. The idea is to assemble a picture with the wood we cut along, with one side facing up and one facing inward as the figures look.

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They will notice that the white entryway table will be slightly rectangular. Now we are going to nail the crossbars, I used 2 boards and 2 thin trunks because it is what I had, they can use 4 tables or 4 thin trunks, but it is very important that you have the crossbars because otherwise the legs can be opened or the table can be left unstable. We are almost there, we put the boards to our liking (I leave them 2 cm apart.) And nail them.


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