Cozy Lighting with Silver Floor Lamp


Silver floor lamp – You will need at least two essential pieces: sofa and coffee table. If you prefer, or a table goes budget, you can use auxiliary tables. Its size is ideal for small apartments and is also generally cheaper than coffee tables or dining tables. You will also need some lighting. If you have little space, a ceiling light will suffice, but if you want to create a more romantic effect, you can place a floor lamp. Should lamp be used as a cozy lighting, you can choose a lamp with a sculptural shape. Should lamp act as a reading lamp, you should go for direct light. Lamps can provide peace of mind and comfort in any home, and we can quickly all agree that right light gives warmth and soul to a boring space.

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Lighting is a very important part of home as one can easily destroy a living room by using too cold light or a position that assigns light too much power and makes living room ” ‘creepy’ ‘to be in. Should silver floor lamp be used as a reading lamp, screen should be able to tilt so that light is sent in correct direction. Cord on a floor lamp is often hard to hide, so make sure it’s so nice that you want to keeps it lying on floor – or it can be replaced. Use floor lamp as a cozy lighting in bedroom. Put two identical floor lamps together in two different heights.

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Use a silver floor lamp as a reading lamp on couch and use it to move around. Invest in a floor lamp with lots of personality and give it a good place. Create diffuse cozy lighting with lamps in transparent materials such as braid, paper, glass and plastic. You can select a multi-arm model to get twice brightness. Set a classic up light stand if you want a cozy light in a dark corner. It will at same time make room it seem higher.


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