Contemporary Foyer Lighting Ideas


Contemporary foyer lighting – Designing lighting for your two-story lobby is more than just selecting a particular style and finish. It has a lot to do with staging. You want to give a warm welcome from both the outside and the inside, and spotlight your decorating style. Consider the pendant, wall sconces, rope lighting and table lamps. And if you are not bound by the convention, be eclectic blend of styles and materials. If you want to go out, choose a Dale Chisholm chandelier; or if you cannot afford one, the Commission a local glass artist creates one for you, or find a very modern fixture at your lighting shop. An excessive chandelier will be lost in a commodious, soaring entry, and one too big will overwhelm the square. As a general guideline, all lighting entrepreneurs follow; add the length of the room to its width and the sum will indicate which diameter the chandelier should be. For example, if the foyer is 15 feet of 8 feet, the sum is 23 feet. Convert it to 23 inches and you want the right size tripod.

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Other contemporary foyer lighting, since a chandelier only provides down lighting diffusing like it from its source, install wall sconces between 60 and 65 inches from the floor at 6 to 10 feet apart to give up light that softly illuminates your lobby and accents your furniture. If you have a console table in your lobby, place a coordinating table lamp on it. Accent your elegant staircase of blending it nicely with rope lighting. Add pendant lighting on the second story to light mode.

Correct contemporary foyer lighting, the industry standard for determining the light or the required effect is to multiply the width of the foyer and multiply the product by 1.5. For example, if your foyer is 12 feet 16 feet, you need 288 watts of lighting, or an 8-light chandelier with 40-watt bulbs. If you use other light sources, lower watts in bulbs. Choose bright bulbs to add glitter to a chandelier or masonry bulbs under bright shades. Use a dimmer to control the amount of light.

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