Classy Country Curtains For Living Room


Country curtains for living room – Almost all traditional curtain styles work in a home with country decor. Tap-top drapes in a transparent fabric, even light work or in a country bedroom, room or living room. For a modern look with long curtains, tie each curtain panel into a large knot about 6 or 8 inches from bottom. Coffee curtains are an old classy. Half of coffee curtains – just bottom – work just as well. A curtain simply picked up at top, in a minimal bar, would be suitable anywhere in country. Although it goes against “rules” of being useful, even a valance can tie a boardroom when coordinated with sofa fabric or chairs.

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Perhaps first fabric that comes to mind when talking about country checked cotton country curtains for living room is cotton. Although it is dealt with in solids, squares and stripes, blue and red check is most well-known. Loose fabric fabrics like linen and blends of linen, silk or cotton crepe, burlap, knit and lace all reflect simple charm of country style. Lightweight denim occasionally finds its way to a country window. Reformulation of textiles perfectly adapts to green form of life for many people are adopting. Vintage tablecloths, tea towels, aprons and other white clothing find a new life when it was shaped curtains for country kitchen.

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Stripes, squares and polka dots all work well, but so do pre-printed fabrics. Particularly compatible with decoration of country, especially in kitchen, curtains are printed with farm animals, such as roosters, chickens, cows and ducks. But animals do not have monopoly of printed country cloth … you can find other country prints, including fruits, butterflies, jars of jelly, flowers, birds and hearts. Barn star has been an iconic country decor since 1930’s, and can be found in many different shapes and colors on all sorts of items including country curtains for living room. While each of traditional colors has its own meaning, star itself is believed to bring good luck.

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