Choosing the Right mid Century Armchair


Mid century armchair – The armchair is the place where mom can tell goodbye stories, daddy can enjoy her whiskey and everyone can read a good book. It is furniture with many uses, which justifies the reason that we Danes have taken good care of them. It is hard to say when the first armchairs came to, but we assume that in Denmark we saw them all back in the early 1900s. In the beginning, they were often incredibly upholstered, and eventually became more delicate with excellent comfort.

Choosing the right mid century armchair, think about what the purpose of the armchair is, should it fit into the existing interior? Or should it be a catcher? For example, if have to go with the existing device, so think about whether this should be by color, texture or shape. The purpose of the chair is important, but probably something you can easily answer. The armchair should be used for everything. But think about what the most should be used for a little nap? Reading? Fun?  Then should the whole family use the armchair? Or is it just mom or dad? This can for example help determine the material of the chair, for example leather etc. is preferable if the least in the family are to use the chair. If there is a single person who will use the armchair, it will also be easier to determine the design itself. Functionality is often determined by the people who use the chair and therefore it is important to decide in advance.

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The focus has so far been on the lookout, but it is equally important to think about the actual experience of the chair. You can often make use of very expensive designer mid century armchair to make sure that time has been spent on comfort, but this is not always true for factory made furniture. Therefore, test the armchair in advance how are you in the full rank? How do you sit in it when you sit back? Would there be room for one or more pillows? The more of your “positions” you feel comfortable in, the better the chair is for you.

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