Cheap Futon Style Ideas


Cheap Futon – The futon is what has traditionally been used in Japan to sleep for centuries, what they consider their bed. They are very low mattresses made of cotton and placed directly on the tatami, which serves as a bed base. They are designed to be light and portable and can be stored during the day. It is the equivalent of our mattress, usually one or two are placed directly on the floor. Usually consists of one or two mats. Usually about 5 centimeters thick. Traditionally they were made of cotton or ball wool, which provided a firm support, sometimes too much. Today synthetic materials have been incorporated.

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It is what in the west is known as pillow. It is traditionally filled with buckwheat straw or beans, although at present small plastic balls are used to fill them. More and more Japanese sleep in conventional beds with mattresses like the west, but cheap futon is still very useful as beds for guests, thanks to the ease of being rolled up and stored taking up little space. Also people living in small apartments find this way of sleeping comfortable, as it allows them to leave that space free during the day.

Thanks to a taste for Japanese aesthetics, the futon has been adapted to western needs and preferences. Slightly raised structures are used instead of the tatami, which is too low on almost all occasions. To these structures, they are added slats of sheets that guarantee the ventilation of the cheap futon. The futons used in the West are thicker than the traditional ones, between 10 and 15 centimeters and incorporate synthetic materials like the natural latex, obtaining a support more soft, in deformable and with a greater useful life. Ergonomically, the traditional futon can be uncomfortable for people with back ailments, especially if it is going to happen in one of them all night. For this reason, associations of physiotherapists around the world consider that medium-firm western mattresses are those that, as a rule, are best suited to the rest needs of the majority of sleepers.

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