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Curtain Bedroom Best Purple Curtains In Bedroom

Purple curtains for bedroom – The shade of purple is used influences the style of your room. Dark purple tends to be rich and sumptuous, indicating a room with a sophisticated, more formal, style. Lilac and lavender are the lighter tones with a cool and more feminine feel. Hang curtains with sheers to add both privacy and a touch of elegance to your space. Sheers…

Curtain Bedroom Short Curtains For A Bedroom

Short curtains for bedroom – are hung for decoration and in most cases to block the light. Many bedroom curtains are floor length to give maximum blocking of outside light from street lights and car lights. Hanging bedroom curtains is a simple process that should not take longer than a morning or afternoon to complete. Decide where to hang curtain rods. Usually hung sticks up above…

Curtain Bedroom Romantic White Bedroom Curtains

White bedroom curtains – Choosing the curtains for a white bedroom allows an interior designer countless possibilities of choice of texture, color and fabric weight. A light, soft feel can be created in a bedroom, with the addition of light and soft fabrics. On the other hand, a bold contrast statement can be made, with thick and solid fabrics. According to HGTV, curtains give unlimited…