California King Platform Bed Ideas


California King Platform Bed – mattress measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long, the bed will be built 78 inches wide by 82 inches long by 32 inches tall. Cut eight inches by four inches of wood at 82 inches long. To cut ends four four-inch by four-inch pieces of 78 inches long. Cut eight inches by four inches pieces to 32 inches long. Cut four plywood sheets from ¾ inch to 82 inches long. Cut two of these leaves to 30 inches wide. Cut two pieces of plywood from 78 inches by 32 inches from the ends of the bed platform. On the sides of the bed cut four 12 by 32 inches and two 10 by 32-inch pieces of plywood.

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California king platform bed, make two frames using two of the 82-inch pieces and two of the 78-inch pieces, forming a box. Attach in corners with screws. Square the box and install corner supports on each interior corner. Place two of the pieces 82 inches, spaced evenly inside each box. Attach to end sections with screws and install corner brackets. Attach the 32 pieces to each inner corner of one of the cartons using the carriage bolts. Attach the second box frame to the other ends of the 32-inch pieces with double-threaded screws. Install two of the 32-inch long pieces on each side, evenly spaced to form center supports. One with carriage bolts.

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Place one of the four-foot wide pieces of plywood and one of the 30-inch wide pieces to the top and bottom of the California king platform bed frame. The use of screws fix the plywood ends with the bed frame. Attach 12-inch sections of 32-inch plywood to each corner. Then connect one of the 10-inch sections in the center of each long side. This will leave openings for the drawer installations. Installing the drawers into each opening following the manufacturer’s instructions for installing slides.


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