Building Reception Area Ideas


Reception area ideas – Once upon a time, furniture from stacked drawers mainly builds an option for people with no money to spend on furnishings. Now there are several suppliers building wooden cubes in a variety of colors and designs, everyone is trying to catch the “cheap chic” look. You can use four wooden cubes to mount a desk in less than an hour. Using pre-made shelves for the desktop, you can have a furniture-grade desk for a fraction of the cost of a factory-made desktop.


Make 2 bars with 2 cubes each reception area ideas. Make sure the openings in the cube face are the same and the outer edges of the two stacks are 48 inches apart. Drive 1 1/2 inch screws from the inside lower corners the best backs down the bottom drawers. Make sure you drive the screwdrivers flush to the bottom of the drawers. Place two shelves over the two drawers so that the ends of the shelves are level with the outer edges of the box stacking. The centers the edges of the two shelves should be tight together. Stack books or other heavy items on each end of the shelves to hold them in place.

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Drive 1 1/2 inch screws from the inside top corners of the best slopes upward in the shelves. Attach the two layers to the underside of the reception area ideas with 1/2 inch screws. The place where the two shelves meet should be about half way between the two inner holes on the laying plates. Attach two corner braces between the inner side drawers and the underside of the shelves, approximately 1 inch in from the front and rear edges of the drawers. Install the other two braces on the other side in the same way.


Tips and warnings

Make sure to buy shelves that are finished in the same way as the cubes. Usually you have a choice between white, black, natural or espresso. You can place baskets like “boxes” in your cubes, or use wire organizers. You can also buy storage cubes that already have shelves and doors installed.

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