Building Bamboo Wall Panels


Bamboo wall panels – Thinking about making a bookshelf to solve the mess problem in your home office or living room? Make the environment a favor and use bamboo products. Bamboo is actually a grass and grows much faster than a tree. It is ready to harvest for five years, and works well as a substitute for planting wood. Your bamboo bookshelf will not only look good, but will start a conversation


Measure and label the bamboo wall panels as described below and cut with an electric or jigsaw saw. . : Five panels 38 3/4 inches long and 9 3/4 “wide. Two of these panels will form the upper and lower shelves in the bookshelf, and the other three panels are the other shelves. Two panels 60 inches long and 9 3 / 4 inches wide. The panels are the sides of the bookcase. A sheet of bamboo veneer plywood 60 inches by 38 3/4 inches, which will form the back of the bookcase.

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Add plywood on a large table or work bench. If there is any other surface big enough, as a last resort, lay it on the floor.  Select the position of shelves on bamboo wall panels. The shelves should be as far apart. Mark the tabbed page so that when the pages and shelves are glued with plywood, the tabbed page will appear. Apply extra strength glue on the narrow edges of the carpet and place them on the markings on the plywood support.

When the glue has tied, small furniture nubs discreetly into shelves as extra certainty that the finished bookcase will take the weight of heavy books. Stand the finished unit on the base and finish shelves the edges with edge banding. Fix a bottom plate 2 1/2 inches wide and 38 3/4 inches long at the bottom to end the device.

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Tips and warnings

When using glue, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that the material bond is safe enough to take weight. Use wooden clamps like plywood shelves until the glue has tied. Do not use power tools unless you have been instructed in safe use, and always wearing safety goggles and hearing protection.


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