Build Wooden Entryway Shoe Cabinet


Entryway shoe cabinet – There is no such thing as having too many shoes, especially if you have very good storage possibilities. The advantage of building your own shoe cabinet is obvious: you have complete control over the appearance and size of the final unit. In fact, you can create cabinets for every place in the house where people leave their shoes, just like inside the lobby and garage entrance. Do not forget to leave space for additions. Measure the space in which you’d like to put the rack. Calculate how many shoes fit in that space, if each regular pair is 8 inches wide, 8 inches tall and 12 inches deep.

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Remember to take into account the width of the wood of the shelves and the walls when preparing the final plan. Measure one top and one bottom panel, and three side panel’s entryway shoe cabinet. Mark the cut lines on the tables, all according to the plan you drew in step 1. Place the plates on the work surface and cut them to size with the circular saw, following the pencil lines. Take one of the side panels and 2 inches from the inside of the front and the back, mark two parallel lines to drill holes for the shelf supports. Intervals figure three-quarters of an inch between the holes.

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Mark exactly the same points as those of the other two side panels, or you can hold two boards together and drill through them at the same time, and use a guide for the last panel. Drill the holes deep enough to insert the pins in the entryway shoe cabinet. Pre-drilled holes, one inch apart, along with the edges of the upper and lower panels, where the two will connect. Squeeze the wood glue on the same line. Support the top panel so that its edge is flush with the edge of a side panel in an upright position, and drive the nails into the boot holes to connect the two panels together.

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