Build Platform Bed with Storage


Platform bed with storage Рis an elegant addition to any room. You can create a small additional storage space by adding draw to bed. These fit on the platform and are very easy to add to your project. It will only take a few extra steps to add a lot of extra space. Design the bed. Measure the size of your mattress. Determine the number of drawers you want. Three on each side to work. A twin will have only one set of drawers. Also measure how much you want the stand. Lay the bed frame for the drawers. Start by making a cut of one MDF piece the length of your bed and the height you want your deck to be. Then cut the board to make the top and bottom frame piece. Screw these onto the center piece.

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Cut the cuts that connect to the center piece of the transverse support mechanism. The drawers go between each of the sections. You will have two on each side of the middle piece. Screw in place. Stagger joints slightly to connect. Secure the drawer tracks to the cross-section pieces. Close the bottom of the MDF in the frame with an electric screwdriver. Secure the screws to each of the corners and between one and two separate feet along the frame. Turn the platform bed with storage and screw the top piece of MDF board into the frame. Sand and stain boards.

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Create your drawers with MDF board. The drawers must have a bottom piece and four sides. Sand, dye and add a handle to the front of the drawers. The size of the bed will determine the depth of the drawers. Make the drawers about one inch smaller than the drawer openings on the bed. Place guides for the drawers and then attach them to the tracks inside the bed. Put the drawers in place. Place the mattress on the top of the platform bed with storage.


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