Blue and Brown Living Room Decor Country


Blue and brown living room decor – Country furnishings are synonymous with relaxed and relaxed living. This style is relaxed, comfortable and invites friends and family members to sit and stay for a while. When choosing a color scheme for country decor, choose colors that add to the atmosphere, such as calming blue and brown. If you use blue and brown to create a country living room, there are different ways to get the color combination in space. Up for your country living room by create a framing of blue and brown walls. Paint up half of the walls a shade of light or sky blue.

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Another option is to paint the bottom of the half of the walls a shade in light blue and hang the blue toile or gingham wallpaper on the top half of the walls and split up two with a brown wooden chair rail. To create a rustic look, consider overstuffed sofas and chairs dressed with brown leather. Another blue and brown living room decor option is to bring in a sofa clothed with blue cotton and brown wooden rocking chairs. Use brown wicker pieces topped with blue pillows and pillows. For a coffee table, a recycled barn door colored candle or dark brown works well with country vibe and an antique brown wooden bench or china wardrobe can serve as a storage room.

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Add blue and brown living room decor country with decorative accessories. Fill a decorative blue pot of flowers and use it as a central to the coffee table’s regenerated barn door. Cover the floor with a braided brown area rug. Set brown braided baskets on the floor in the space for holding magazines, books or extra throw blankets. Show a collection of antique blue plates on a focal wall. Upper brown lights with bright blue shades.


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