Black Windsor Chairs: Have A Very Special Feature!


Black windsor chairs – Although by their design you can be typically American, the Windsor chairs emerged in England in the eighteenth century and will go down in history as one of the first chairs that were mass produced since its inception, peeping the industrial revolution that was in the making. The Windsor chairs have a very special feature and that is that their backrest is independent of the legs, something not usual in the chairs of the time. This chair model was made up of different pieces that specialized craftsmen manufactured and that were later assembled. For its construction, different woods were used since each piece required different treatments, such as bending or drilling.

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Then they were painted in dark colors to hide the differences between the tones and the veins of the woods used. The black windsor chairs was originally designed as a garden furniture, in fact, it was known as the Forest chair and was mainly intended for rural areas. But little by little it was becoming popular and placing itself in diverse places like offices, halls, libraries and dining rooms. Although the model underwent many modifications, its essential structure scarcely varied: solid seat from which the legs were embedded and wooden bars that formed a curved backrest in most cases

Although we also found straight-backed Windsor chairs. In addition to the chairs, a variety of furniture inspired by the same design was manufactured. Over the years this model lost ground against the creations of new designers who began to use other forms and materials for the manufacture of chairs. It was already in the twentieth century, after the Second World War, when the black windsor chairs resurfaced with more force. The Ercol chairs reached a great popularity and since then they have not stopped manufacturing, being one of the models of best selling chairs in history, both for its price and for its functionality.

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