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Murphy bed desk IKEA – Combining a loft style loft with desk downstairs, you can open the space in the child’s room. It also creates the psychological benefit of defining a workspace where your child will do the homework. This can help your child focus during the study time. These instructions are for a double size bed using inexpensive materials, but adjusting sizes and replacing wood for larger or more attractive projects. Drill two holes at each end of the 75-inch beams, placing 3 inches from the end of the beam and 1 inch apart. Use a drill of the same diameter as your bolts. Drill two holes at one end of your 72-inch posts, positioned in the middle of 12 inches and 13 inches from the end. Use a drill of the same diameter as your bolts.

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Lightly sand all surfaces of the wood Murphy bed desk IKEA. It does not have to be smooth enamel but it should be soft enough to avoid splinters. Lay the two 75-inch beams and two 36-inch beams in a rectangle, resting on their narrow sides. Set the rectangle so that the beams shorter on the inside. Connect the rectangle with the two screws at each joint. Traverse the screws on the side of the long beam and on the end of the shorter beam. Attach the largest sheet of plywood to the chassis with a wood screw at each corner. Reinforcement with a wood screw centered along each side.

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Lay two 72-inch posts per side, about 3 feet apart. It thus establishes that the holes are at the ends thereof, with the holes parallel to the floor. Connect posts with a 50-inch board. Position the plank so that the bottom runs 30 inches from the ends of the posts without the holes, with the ends of the posts level with the other. Secure with four screws in each posts, each screw in a corner of the rectangle formed by the plank of the post overlap. Adjust the two frames you have just built at the end, roughly where you intend to place the finished Murphy bed desk IKEA.

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