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July 13, 2019 Living Room Design

Best IKEA Murphy Bed

IKEA Murphy Bed – is an ideal choice for the guest bedroom in your home. For many people, overnight guests can occur once or twice a year. With a Murphy bed, the bed can be folded up and stored away from the available room to be used for no other purpose. A home office or home gym can have a double use with a Murphy bed. Even if you do not use the space for any other purpose than a room, bending over the bed and tidying up the room when guests leave gives you the Option to do something with the room any time you want. Used to store extra household supplies if desired, just make sure the room is cleared when guests arrive.

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IKEA Murphy bed can be used in a children’s room when you need the extra space for a play area for children. Not every home has a playroom or family room and folding over the bed and giving the kids plenty of space to spread out and play provides you with that extra space. It also discourages kids jumping into bed when they have friends over. Murphy’s bed could be difficult for a child to put away each day. Consider just putting it in your wall space when you need the room. Space can also be used to set up a tent and sleeping bags when a friend comes for a slumber party. This makes the son’s bedroom in his own private camp for the night without affecting a bed on his way.

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The master bedroom is not often the room you think of when you are thinking of a Murphy bed. However, if you have a small bedroom can be very valuable. Many people enjoy exercising in their bedroom or using their bedroom as a sanctuary for practicing their meditation or yoga. Folding the bed gives you plenty of space on the floor to do anything you want to do in the privacy of your own room. The IKEA Murphy bed is much more comfortable than a shelter or a folding bed. The mattresses used in Murphy beds are the same type you would have in your traditional bed. Some Murphy beds allow you to store the mattress up on the wall, but be sure to do research on the particular bed you are buying first.

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