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Futon Alternative – When facing how to make a futon step by step, you need nothing more than desire, time and the above mentioned pallets. Well, it takes some more elements, but the joke is not going to get out of hand in the economic. Nor is it a complicated or tedious task. On the contrary, this futon will be the first of your many DIY projects for home. The big question that many people ask in these cases: where do I find pallets? As simple as going to a department store, you sure have some close to home and order them. The same gives them throw them in the garbage that give you anything, so you should have no problem getting them.

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If you do not mind asking them or picking them up, the option is to buy them online. When you see the prices, surely you rethink the shame that gives you go to ask for them. Having said that, we will learn how to make a futon step by step.  Before facing the construction of futon alternative, you must know what measures will have. Of course, you will not join three pallets of one meter each, for a space of two meters. Measure the area and if you have to cut a pallet, do it before you start working with them. To cut it, nothing likes a jigsaw and sandpaper so that the cut area is smooth. It will take some more work but the end result is completely different.

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The usual thing is that futon alternative has two pallets, but there are always those who want XXL. Make two or three, glue them with special wood tail and let it dry for four hours. Shield the base of the futon with screws. The idea is that the boards do not move or break. Calculate that the base should be 25 centimeters less than the mattress for it to cover. For easier handling when moving it, it is advisable to put wheels on it. If you put two pallets, with six wheels you will have enough. If you opt for three, the most advisable will be eight wheels. Now, if you’re going to want the futon to be fixed in one place and you’re not going to move it, you can skip this step.

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