Best Curtains for Bedroom Windows


Curtains for Bedroom Windows – Placing curtains can be a difficult task. However, there are a variety of easy curtain ideas that you can try to effectively cover any window, and even bring some style to your room. Make your own if you cannot find a perfect pair of curtains. Go to a fabric store or craft nearby and find stuff you like that blends in with the rest of the room. Buy enough to fit your window, plus some extra to sew the loops on the top to hang on a bar. Even if you are not a strong sewer, you can still make your own curtains. Simply purchase fabric that fits your window size, and instead seam loops with additional fabric, cut the holes equidistant from each other over your fabric and loop rings or rings through. You can even use shower curtain rings, then simply hang on a basic curtain rod.

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If you want to avoid the hassle of hanging a curtain rod, or do not want to nail large holes in the wall, try using the push pins to hang curtains for bedroom windows. Measure the fabric so that you have two even halves to cover the window and use a pin on each corner at the top of the pieces of fabric to hang on the top corners of the window. To pull curtains, buy the rope and decorative cinch straps in the middle.

For easy to do things for curtains for bedroom windows, hang the basic curtains and hang beautiful fabric over a curtain rod, hanging equally low on each side. Use enough rope or paper clips to secure your fabric to the rod or fabric loop around rods to hold it. Use an adjustable tension rod to hang curtains, which is also a great way to avoid wall damage as well. Make sure you have a window deep enough so that a tension rod will have two parts to push against. Hang the curtain on the first rod, and then adjust the rod to keep it inside the window.

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