Beauty of Sheesham Wood Furniture


Sheesham wood furniture – There are infinite satisfactions produced by seeing a finished DIY furniture, that is, made by ourselves. For this reason we have decided to dedicate this book of ideas to the beauty of creating things with our own hands. So here you will find ten proposals for all styles and tastes: elegant, industrial, vintage, always with the key to sustainability. From the use of old pallets or barrels with a vintage touch as well as furniture made with pure wood or combinations with fabrics and metals, all this you will see forming hangers, tables beds and chairs: each article representing a great inspiration.

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To speak of armed means to speak of creative to imitate the formation of such everyday objects. Undoubtedly a sample of how to recover old tables that were cut into different lengths because they easily generate an original scale that recalls the keys of a piano. You already have an idea to imitate if in your room you need a touch of personality. With a bit of manual dexterity, entire rooms can be furnished. as part of the transformation of a wine production and storage cellar into a beautiful house, has created natural environments, playing with sheesham wood furniture and its peculiar color. The main compartment is now the space of the living room, dining room and kitchen.

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The owner, passionate about wood, ventures into the creation of furniture. The result? Impressive DIY sheesham wood furniture, appreciable in the bathroom furniture and dining table where recycled materials are used. If you want to venture for the first time with wood bricolage, start with a piece of furniture that is quite simple. The legs were made with metal tubes that have small wheels that allow the table to be moved at will. The surface is 100% wood, you can choose the one you like the most, just make sure it resists the use to which it will be subjected.


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