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July 20, 2019 Living Room Design

Beautiful Little Girl Bedroom Sets

Little girl bedroom sets – Butterflies, garden fairies, hummingbirds and flowers can all be part of a garden themed decor in a little girl’s bedroom. Decorate a garden theme can be as simple as buying garden themed bedding and hanging butterfly pictures on the wall. You can also get creative and paint a wall mural filled with garden butterflies on a focal wall. Painting wall murals are easy, even if you are not artistically inclined. Paint three of your little girl’s bedroom walls a soft yellow or light green. Make sure that one of the walls paint the wall behind the bed. Remaining wall will be a focal wall.

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Borrow or hire an overhead projector. The project is a garden or meadow image on the focal wall. Use a light pencil to trace the outline of the horizon, like trees, flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds and other patterns on the focal wall. Paint the background and the main areas of focal wall with latex paints. After the paint dries, fill in the smaller parts of the wall mural in acrylic. Decorate the space behind the bed to create a headboard. You can cover the plywood in fabric decorated with garden butterflies or paint a large butterfly on the wall. You can also decorate the space behind the little girl bedroom sets with acrylic encased butterflies. To do this, hang three to seven acrylic encased butterflies on the wall behind the bed.

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Ideas little girl bedroom sets, sort more vinyl butterfly stickers on the remaining blank wall surfaces on the front of the wardrobe door or the back of the bedroom door. Some vinyl decals can cling to the wall and can be easily removed and reused. Others require an adhesive application. These decals are not as easily removed and cannot be restored. Frame close-up images of butterflies that you have in your backyard or garden. Hang framed photos on the wall. Design your own pictures is an inexpensive way to create art on the walls. Cover the bed with butterfly theme bedding to coordinate with other butterfly decorations in the room. Throw a butterfly-shaped mat on the floor next to your little girl’s bed.

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