Bamboo Platform Bed Frame


Platform bed frame Рbamboo adds an Asian flavor in the bedroom, a rare instruction that can make the room memorable. Building a bamboo platform is little different from building any other platform bed, a DIY project that a principle builder should be able to finish in an afternoon. These plans are for a frame for a full size mattress, but you can use them for other sizes changing lumber dimensions. Lay the basic design. Set the three 53-inch poles parallel, every 32 inches apart in the center. It places the other poles in the base formed by the poles, parallel to each other, side to side and perpendicular to the base posts.

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Platform bed frame, drill a hole through the midline of each of the 75-inch poles, positioned at 6 inches, 38 inches and 70 inches from one end. Drill first with the 1/8-inch diameter bit, then widen with the 1/4-inch drill bit. This will help prevent cracking. Lay the pole far right in position on the support posts. Slide the nail through each hole to mark its position on the support post. Drill a one-inch hole in the support post at each point you’ve marked, first using a 1/8 inch bit then enlarge with a 1/4 inch drill bit.

Cut the wood spigot of a length equal to the diameter of the first long post plus one inch. Mount the post in position by sliding cut spindle strips through the long pole and into the support post. Drive on until the tip is flush with the surface of the long post. Use hammer if necessary. Outer shell of the spike with soap will help to slide more easily. Repeat steps three through six with the other poles, covering the entire surface of the platform bed frame.

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