Appealing Distressed Entryway Bench


Distressed entryway bench is often the first impression a visitor has in your home. When referring to the background, today’s foyer’s distinctive style not only welcomes your guests, but gives a sense of expectation about the rest of the home. Forget the mess and ho-hum furniture, and take advantage of making your foyer tourist attraction you want. Fashion and Mediterranean inspired front lobby. Paint the walls a soft cream and parchment color using a faux finish for a layered, textured effect. Combine with terra cotta colored tiles on the floor. Cover the tiles with an area rug with a cream color to match the walls. Place a rustic, black or dark wood coffee table or sideboard table adjacent to the door.

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Further, the rustic look with black wrought iron candelabra, sconces and a little chandelier from the ceiling. Add ornately carved, dark wood artwork on the walls to promote an exotic touch. Many entryways or foyers have hooks hidden under stairs. Create a cozy reading room hook of tucking a bench in a small corner under the stairs. Cover the distressed entryway bench with padded cushions and pillows in a light yellow. Add a comfy pillow or blanket to add softness. Place a small bookcase next to the bench for easy access to books.

A floor lamp adds enough light to read in comfort. If space allows, add a small desk for examination or pay bills. Make sure to include a table lamp to light up the space on the desktop. Create an exotic impression in your front lobby. Add Asian items such as a shiny black side table and a matching mirror above. Place a countertop fountain in the table side for a soothing effect. Put a small Buddha statue on the floor next to the door. Fill small ceramic pots with bamboo and place distressed entryway bench to add green areas.

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