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June 29, 2019 Interior

Advantages of Storage Under Stairs

Storage under stairs – One way to take advantage of the space under the stairs in an intelligent way is to turn it into a real closet. Of course, if we aim at this, the ideal is to order a piece of furniture specifically designed for this space. A few days ago we talked about the advantages of custom furniture. Nowadays, with the Internet boom, it will not be difficult to find specialists who manufacture this type of furniture in your city. In this case we see a piece of furniture made to measure under the staircase in the same color as the steps. This proposal is ideal for those stairs that face the hall. That space can be the perfect place to use it as a small warehouse. From large drawers integrated into the stairs to practical closets that occupy the stairwell or why not? A practical shelf in which to present our best readings.

Awesome Storage Under Stairs

Awesome Storage Under Stairs

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If we choose storage under stairs design that integrates perfectly and that goes with the style of the decoration, in addition to achieving extra space and a very practical option, we will achieve that everything fits in the environment. Books can also be a perfect decorative element in terms of environments, so choosing a bookcase full of colors and culture can be a guaranteed success in what spaces. For example to visually separate spaces if it is a suspended staircase in the middle of the room or to create a small corner of study or reading.

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Image of: Best Storage Under Stairs
Image of: Awesome Storage Under Stairs

Another alternative storage under stairs, of which we have spoken on several occasions, is to use wooden boxes, or crates, and thus form a piece of furniture to our liking and whim. In this example, it is not just fruit boxes. As you can see, they are boxes bought in a decoration store, but the same could be done with more rustic boxes.  The truth is that we are amazed by the ideas of custom-made storage furniture found on the net. The truth is that there are no limits. Thanks to the ingenuity of interior designers we can find wonders like the ones we see below. It’s just a matter of knowing what we want and what our budget is.

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