A Guide to Building a Pergola Attached to House


Pergola attached to house – A pergola is a graceful addition to a home, creating an outdoor living space to enhance the enjoyment of your property. Pergolas are often self-supporting structures supported by messages that are joined by beams then seasoned with beams to provide shade. Building a pergola attached to the house is not overly difficult, this approach eliminates a series of messages, but otherwise building techniques are the same for free pergolas. Start to get a good set of plans and control with codes administrator building in your country or city.

The first step for building pergola attached to house is the precise positioning of the seats; pergolas of more than 8 meters length may require additional support. A precise positioning shortcut means use of a built-in frame of 2×10 boards; check the orthogonality of the frame by measuring diagonals from one angle to the other, if the measurements are the same, the frame is square and true. Place the frame against the bases to locate the pile holes, make appropriate markings in which the holes will be excavated, remove the chassis and dig the holes of the pole. Code requirements vary, but usually the holes have to be a bit deeper than the frost line.

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Use a powered auger or a whole digger to make your hole. Recommend that you use the messages that are a bit longer than necessary and then cut to the correct height after the concrete has been taken care of to make sure they are the same. Building a pergola attached to house requires good planning and follows through, but will add fun, comfort, and value. It usually takes several days of work to be done thoroughly longer than necessary then cut to the correct height after the concrete has cured to make sure they are the same.


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