A Complete Venetian Plaster Walls


Venetian plaster walls – Venetian has a glorious history. They take you to ancient times. The art of using Venetian as building material came to be used in the year 1500. Andrea Palladio, an architect Italy returned to find beautiful villas in Venice. Amazing This is called stucco Venetian. Most of the houses are rich in Venice began to use them in order to decorate the year 1600 ‘s.  Venetian made from several materials. The main ingredient is lime and marble. Today, acrylic binders and pigments are used to manufacture. Possible to increase the durability of the Venetian by the addition of synthetic polymers. Venetian is stronger than marble balls. They consist of a mixture of finely powdered marble, lime and calcium hydroxide.

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Application venetian plaster walls requires few skills. Currently, pre-mixed is also available. You can easily get them from the stores in your area. However, artisans in ancient Greece and Rome are working hard to create an amazing effect. At the moment these tasks are made simpler. Most people incorrectly interpret the Venetian looks like paint. But that is not true. Preparation of are the most important tasks involved in using it. You can get the desired results if you keep a shovel properly and right angles. You can create just the right texture with hitting them well. Before you begin the application process, it is worth trying samples pieces in the drywall to check whether it is offering an awesome effect. You can even add color fabric to.

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It is important to check with the surface of the wall, which takes care of. The wall must be free from cracks and other problems. It should be clear so that you can provide treatment of correct. If the wall where you want to give a treatment of venetian plaster walls has a shiny finish, delete using sandpaper. Once you’ve completely deleted the gloss, you can start applying the first layer. It is worth using a trowel to apply a flexible. You can add the dye and mix it with a stick. Then you can apply a thin layer of. If you missed a few spots, you can apply in places. You can even use a scroll to apply. You must allow the first layer is completely dry. You can start applying the second coat is following the same procedure. It is recommended to use more than two layers of Venetian. Apply extra coats can help to make the surface is much more powerful. If you want to add a gloss of the surface, you can apply the top coat with pasta wax.

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